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your life's best work

We're a team that loves creating for others. Our firsthand experience with performance reviews and employee engagement drives us to build a product we'd want to use ourselves. We prioritize flexibility and trust in our culture, fostering a happy workplace where humor is key to success.

Perks and Benefits

Flexible schedule

We understand the importance of work-life balance. Our flexible schedule lets you manage your time effectively, so you can work when you're most productive and still enjoy life outside the office.

Performant Hardware

A powerful toolkit is essential for our team. We equip you with top-notch hardware to ensure smooth, efficient work and creativity.

Great Atmoshpere

Our workplace exudes a vibrant and positive atmosphere. We value a sense of belonging, mutual respect, and collaboration, creating a space where you can thrive.

Open Cafeteria

Nourish your body and mind with our open cafeteria. You'll enjoy a wide range of options to keep you energized throughout the day.

Competitive Salary

We believe in recognizing your talent and hard work. Our competitive salary packages reflect your value to our team.

Team Building Camps

Strengthening our team is essential. We organize engaging team-building activities to foster better collaboration and lasting relationships.

Career Opportunities

Senior JavaScript Developer


Middle JavaScript Developer


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